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Leather & Ceramic Rings, Cuff and Chokers.

"As a ceramic artist my primary focus is with producing graphic 3D forms using illustration, colour and humour to draw the viewer into looking more closely at each piece revealing small details and comic observations of habit and individual identity. The influences of popular culture combined with the process of producing ceramic forms in particularly valuable and underline my enjoyment of making ceramic work."

Ceramics are fired to stoneware 1280°C. Decoration - Terasigillatta, Underglaze, Clear Glaze. All pieces hand stiched.

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Leather & Ceramic Ring
"Filthy lucre"
Approx. Size "P" $60

Leather & Ceramic Ring
"Darling Duck"
Approx. Size "P" $60

Leather & Ceramic Ring
"Like a fanatic on a monument smiling at grief"
Approx. Size "P" $60

Leather & Ceramic Ring
Approx. Size "P" $60

PM01-09 Small Wrist Cuff - $65
Leather & Ceramic - 33mm wide

"evil bee"

PM01-06 - Medium Wrist Cuff - $85
Leather & Ceramic - 57mm wide


PM01-10 Small Wrist Cuff - $65
Leather & Ceramic - 42mm wide

"caught in a single part of the surreal conscious... "

PM01-08 Choker
Leather & Ceramic - 28mm wide - $70

"Monstrum Horrendum "

PM01-07 Choker
Leather & Ceramic - 30mm wide - $70

"Hura Kiri... !!"
with "The End Is..." on ceramic plug

PM01-03 Medium Wrist Cuff
Leather & Ceramic - 63mm wide - $90

"As always he would steer spastically towards her.. he was a grade 5 pervert" (navel text "Carpet Knight")

PM01-02 Medium Wrist Cuff
Leather & Ceramic - 76mm wide - $95

Partial words... "Space"... "From"


Online Order & Enquiries
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